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As a #FairShot Voter I pledge to:

  • Vote and Make my Voice Heard: When we do not get involved, we send a message that we are happy with things as they are and do not want them to change. We need to send a message that we need equal pay for equal work and other policies to help families get ahead
  • Make Sure my Friends, Colleagues and Neighbors Vote: Host or attend events and local meetings where the centerpiece is a conversation about solutions that will help working families balance their responsibilities at home and at work. Start or join a conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Posting and sharing this data and information to your social media networks is a great way to spread the word.
  • Hold My Elected Officials Accountable so that All Families Get a Fair Shot to Get Ahead: As Election Day nears, its critical we hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. Asking questions at town hall meetings, sending emails and making calls are all great ways to make sure your elected official is on the side of working families.
  • Share my Experience About Why This Agenda Works for Me: Actively engaging and communicating on these issues will help transform the public dialogue, acknowledge the central role women play in our society and our economy, and encourage women to make their voices heard—in social media, by signing an online petition, by registering to vote and weighing-in on policies that will give women and their families a fair shot at getting ahead.

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As a #FairShotVoter, these are the issues that I stand for:

  1. Minimum wage
    1. Women, particularly women of color, are a disproportionate share of low-wage workers. Approximately 2/3 of all minimum wage workers are women. Raising the current minimum wage for minimum wage workers and for tipped workers could make an enormous difference for women struggling on the economic margins and boost the wages of 15 million women. As a fair shot voter I commit to pushing to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.
  2. Equal Pay
    1. The Census Bureau reported that the gender wage gap between full-time, year round working men and women in 2013 remained virtually unchanged, with women being paid  78 percent of what men were paid. Latinas and African American women still experiencing the sharpest pay disparities. As a fair shot voter I commit to ending greater discrimination in pay and demanding greater transparency in pay practices.
  3. Paid Sick Days and Paid Family Leave
    1. The United States is the only developed country that doesn’t guarantee workers the right to earn paid time off in some form. A national paid family and medical leave insurance program that enables workers to earn at least a portion of their pay while they take time away from work for medical or family reasons is vital to the success of working families. Everyone gets sick, but not everyone has the ability to take the time they need to care for themselves or a loved one. As a fair shot voter I commit to demanding that businesses and the government make it possible for women and families to take care of their loved ones when they need to.
  4. Women’s Health
    1. This year the Supreme Court sided with Hobby Lobby to give unprecedented power to closely-held, for-profit corporations to make health care decisions for their female employees. Every legislator needs to address whether they believe that women should be prevented from controlling their own health care decisions. As a fair shot voter I commit to advocating for women’s access to contraception.
  5. Childcare
    1. Each day, 11 million children spend time in the care of someone other than a parent.  Among children under age six, 65 percent have either a single parent or two parents in the labor force. For parents of young children, particularly those who are low-income, the lack of quality, affordable early childhood programs can prevent them from ensuring their families are safe and secure while they are at work. As a fair shot voter I commit to demanding that members of my community have access to quality, affordable childcare.

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