Women’s Health and Economic Security for Women and Families are Potent Issues This Cycle

Written by: Anzalone Liszt Grove Research

Colorado Votes

In this poll for EMILY’s List, American Women, and Planned Parenthood Action Fund of voters in 18 presidential and 2014 battleground states finds that the issues of women’s health and economic security for women and families are the best issues to motivate progressive base voters and to persuade swing voters this election cycle.

Potential drop-off base voters are highly receptive to social pressure messaging about the adverse consequences of not voting, especially when connected to economic security for women and families.Messaging on women’s health and economic security for women and families will be key to turning out Democratic drop-off voters this fall.

Moreover, progressive base voters are not the only ones who are compelled by messages focused on economic security for women and families and women’s health. What’s more, swing voters find messaging on protecting a woman’s access to safe, legal abortion and birth control among the most convincing reasons to vote for pro-women’s health candidates. In addition to turning out base voters, we can persuade swing voters – critical to winning in 2014 – with these same messages.

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