Join the Conversation on Equal Pay

Written by: American Women

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This year, close to 40 states have  or will consider action on minimum wage through legislative action or on the ballot. In 25 states, a variety  of bills designed to eliminate gender discrimination in pay will be debated; and close to two dozen states  and cities are debating paid family leave and paid sick days laws. In Washington, D.C. policymakers and pundits are considering equal pay, paid sick days, paid family and medical leave legislation and a bill to raise the minimum wage.

The intensifying national conversation about economic opportunity and growing public demand for an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy, have provided an opening to advance the national debate on policies that help women and their families get ahead, not just get by.

This Conversation Guide was designed to explain the best ways to engage women and their families in this national discussion. It was informed by a national poll of likely 2014 voters and in-person focus groups with unmarried and married women, Latinas, and millennial men and women—components of the Rising American Electorate, a group of 115 million eligible voters who are the most likely to benefit from these policies and the least likely to vote.

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