Regardless of where you live, here’s what you can do to take action

Each month we host events for women and working families in cities and states around the country. View our events calendar so you know how you can get involved and stay connected! View the event calendar

Spread the word

Spread the word online!

Put American Women’s Working for Families report into action

American Women’s ‘Working for Families Report: Know Where Your Representatives Stand’ is a state-by-state guide for women and families to know where their federal representatives stand on issues such as equal pay for women and raising the minimum wage. You can find the report here.

Go to a town hall

Ask your elected representatives about their support for policies to benefit working families. Go to a town hall meeting and ask about his or her position on issues affecting women and families. Video their response and post it online or send to:

Working families office hours

Schedule a visit to your representative’s office and ask whether he or she thinks that you should have access to paid family leave, paid sick days, and equal pay. Ask your representative how he or she will make that happen.

Join national days of action

We will keep you posted about upcoming days of action where National, state and local organizations across the country come together to highlight the importance in changing our policies.

Write an op-ed

Share your story about why we need policies that work for today’s families through an opinion piece. Op-eds from key constituents will help drive the message locally and make it clear that we need these policies. You can write your own, encourage others or work to figure out what outlets are best for op-ed placement.

Plan your own summit

You can plan a Women’s Economic Security summit in your town or city! A summit can help you bring together influential organizing groups, local elected officials and activists to help coalition-build, plan, and educate and train new and experienced organizers on how they can build a campaign for hardworking women and families.   We can help! Our action memo includes the first steps for how you can plan your own summit. If you’re interested, check out the action memo and then email and we will help you!