About Us


American Women, SEIU, Planned Parenthood and the Center for American Progress have joined together to start the Fair Shot Action Campaign. Fifty years ago most families were able to pay their bills, save for their children’s education and plan for their own retirement—all on one income. Today most women work outside the home and are either the sole breadwinner or share the role equally with their partner. Times have changed yet many of our policies remain outdated and disconnected from the challenges women face.

Fair Shot Action will continue to engage women and men across diverse constituencies; will continue to ensure that voters are equipped with tools to push legislators and candidates to take actions in support of women’s economic security and women’s health; and will continue to coordinate activity between other national and state organizations.

It’s time for women across the country to come together and have their voices heard and we need to act now to make sure women and their families are at the center of our policy debates. This is the time for us to tell our legislators what policies matter, ask them their positions, talk to our neighbors, grow our movement and demand action.

Join our online conversation using #FairShot #FamiliesSucceed #WEmatter.

Fair Shot Voter is a project of Fair Shot Action.

Co-Sponsors of Fair Shot Voter include: AAUW Action Fund, Center For American Progress Action Fund, Emily’s List, Fair Shot Oregon, Generation Progress Action Fund, Moms Rising, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, PowerPAC+, Ultraviolet, USACTION and Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund.